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Preventing Elder Abuse

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On Thursday, Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government introduced legislation to help ensure that sentences for crimes against seniors in Canada properly fit the severity of the offence.

The Harper Government has a responsibility to protect Canadians and to ensure that those who commit crimes against them are reprimanded appropriately.

The legislation, introduced Thursday, would help ensure that sentences for crimes against the elderly reflect the significant impact that these crimes have on their lives.  This amendment to the Criminal Code would allow a senior’s age to be taken into account as an aggravating factor for sentencing purposes.

This initiative builds on action our Government has already delivered, including the launch of the Federal Elder Abuse Initiative (FEAI) in 2008.  This program helps seniors and others recognize the signs and symptoms of elder abuse.  We also continue to address elder abuse through the New Horizons for Seniors Program and its elder abuse awareness campaigns.

Simply put, elder abuse will not be tolerated.

Canadians can count on the Harper Government to combat elder abuse in all its forms and continue to work for safer streets and communities across the country.

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