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Bill C-10 – Safe Streets and Communities Act

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On Wednesday, the Harper Government welcomed the final vote on the Safe Streets and Communities Act in the House of Commons.

Canadians gave our Government a strong mandate to crack down on dangerous offenders and deliver results for victims of crime. That’s exactly what we’re doing through this legislation.

The Safe Streets and Communities Act will help improve the safety and security of Canadians, their families and the communities we live in. To feel safe in our homes and neighbourhoods, we need dangerous criminals off our streets.

The Harper Government promised to pass this important bill within 100 sitting days, and we’re sticking to that commitment.

All MPs were encouraged Wednesday to do the right thing: stand up for the far too many victims in this country and vote to support the Safe Streets and Communities Act.

The Harper Government is committed to ensuring criminals are held fully accountable for their actions, and that the safety and security of law-abiding Canadians and victims come first in Canada’s justice system.

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