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British House of Lords Commits to future of BATUS at CFB Suffield

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The British Under Secretary of State for Defence, Lord Astor of Hever, reiterated the continuing commitment of the British government’s support for British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS).This statement came as the answer to a question asked in the British House of Lords by the Right Honourable Lord Jopling surrounding the future of BATUS in Suffield.

Lord Jopling during the NATO Inter-Parliamentary Meeting last December in Washington, DC.

“The people in our riding understand the significance of the continuing partnership between the Canadian and British government,” said Payne. “Each year, hundreds of British soldiers come to our region to train for important operations, while contributing to our local economy.

Canada has a special relationship with the United Kingdom, and I am pleased to hear of the British government’s ongoing commitment to train at Canadian Forces Base Suffield.”According to the Under Secretary of Defence, the British army will maintain their current training area in Suffield to prepare its forces for operations.

“Our presence at the British Army Training Unit Suffield also reflects the UK’s close and valued defence relationship with Canada,” wrote Lord Astor of Hever.The first British training exercises at Suffield date back to the Second World War.

A lease between the Canadian and British governments was signed in 1971 which enabled the British to train CFB Suffield, and has been subsequently been renewed as recently as 2006. Currently, BATUS employs more than 200 full time staff and military personnel.

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