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British Army Training Unit

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“After much deliberation, the British Government has decided very wisely to extend the amount of time that the British Forces would be present in Suffield for the foreseeable future. I have corresponded with the current Minister of National Defence, The Hon. Rob Nicholson, as well as his predecessor, the Hon. Peter MacKay on a regular basis, and they both worked tirelessly to ensure that this would be the outcome.”

Worked with British legislators as well to ensure that BATUS would remain at CFB Suffield. This included correspondence with the Rt. Hon. The Lord Jopling, a legislator of the British House of Lords. Lord Jopling was dedicated to having BATUS remain at CFB Suffield, and appreciates his tenacity and continuing support.

“I will continue to advocate for CFB Suffield, as well as the sustained presence of BATUS at that facility. BATUS is an important local economic driver for our communities in southeastern Alberta, and this news means that it will continue to be an important local fixture for years to come.

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